Unemployment in India: Factors affecting it

Unemployment in India: Factors affecting it

"Problems Of Unemployment"



India is a developing country. Unlike America- a developed country. Indian economy has less employment. There are so many people in India who don't have to indulge in any job for their livelihood. Unemployment is a situation in which eligible persons don't have any means of their livelihood. To get Indian people full employed is a milestone for Central Government. We believe students to be the future of nation. But it is observed that more than millions of students pass out every year and are unable to get placement in job. In case, if they get job they get much lower salary than they expect. As a result in desire of getting a very handsome salary students often deny the job proposal that ain't match to their wish list.


India is the world's second most populated country having more than 138 crores of population.
(1)The very first reason of unemployment in India is being overpopulation of the country. A better policy has not been implemented till now regarding family planning. This enormous increase of population is due to better food, better hygiene and, above all the advances made in medicine. Rapid development in modern medicine have converted many diseases and consequently the death rate has decreased. Until the beginning of 19th century most people died before the age of 50. Today in developed countries the average life span has risen to more than 70 years. The population goes on increasing at an alarming rate in spite of the practice of birth control in many parts of the world. Thomas Malthus, a British mathematician and economist, when to the extent of declaring that if unchecked human population would grow in arithmetic progression (i.e.1,2,4,8 and so on) while food production could only grow in arithmetic progression (i.e. 1,2,3,4 and so on). He was,of course, very pessimistic.
(2)The second reason for unemployment is 'Education'. Now this can be understood in various forms, like there are literate people who have knowledge but are not getting specific jobs; on the other hand there are illiterate people who lack knowledge as well as refuse to gain it. People like them are wasting both their youth as well as the benefits of being an Indian citizen. The illiteracy rate in India is higher. However cities are more literate than rural areas but slums of the cities are also a waiting for the light of education. Nelson Mandela said, "education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." There are always two ways to understand things optimistically and pessimistically. If we keep in mind the population of India, we can clearly figure out that we hold on a very handsome number of youth army. The more youth in number, the more we can stand strong in the world but only when we stand with the youth which is strong, well-educated and well stabilized. We really need to understand the need, importance and benefits of education. In the absence of education people of middle class and lower class are unable to plan properly. Apart from these reasons there is an uneven distribution of money among the people.

(3) The 'Political Scenario' is also responsible for the problem of unemployment. There are huge number of politicians who are uneducated or less educated than required. Politicians tend to be the ruler or governor of the society, City, state or country. We have a lot of expectations towards them, though we don't really expect from our present leaders but with the bitter truth- they are the leaders anyways. In order to hold all the powers, the hands should be both reliable and responsible. So coma it's high time that the politicians should be well educated as well as well trained. Now, the second phase where political crisis come in between of employment is that the rights given by the government for education is not enough or may be the job offers given by the municipality needs to show more concern. Most of the government jobs are already secured for those people who are not in very need of that are eligible for many more jobs. Many of the times, it is seen that the politicians enjoy the seats they were allotted till the course of their elected period and then apply all their powers in securing that seat for their eligible offsprings. This is what need to be changed.
(4)In early times population was much less than now and everybody had to do a job. But in modern era there is a drastic development of factories and industries. A single machine can do the work of 10 or more people. This 'industrialization' is also responsible for unemployment. It's very often that a factory gets locked out and becomes the culprit of unemployment.


It's a high time to take necessary steps to get rid of the problem of unemployment. The following points can be in included in order to control unemployment.
​Nearly nearly one third of Indian population on dual in rural areas. So coma first villages should be provided a favourable situation to get them developed.
​More more industries should be set up and syllabus should be framed such that would provide a practical knowledge to the students. Thus they will be able to indulge themselves in their own business.
​Machinization and robotics have totally ended up the manual work. Hence, there should be a proper balance between both the machinery and manual work. So that the labourer intensity rises, suitable financial condition prevails and people of rural areas may get income as a source of life and supports employment.
​There should be perfect planning for the education system in India. The current system is not that much appropriate in order to tackle the technologies of the world. A more enhanced system will produce more skilful students.
​There should be employment distribution fairs. Leader must situate specific job to the eligible people. They must keep in mind the requirement of the employee and place them to a favourable position where they can earn for themselves as well as their families.
​The the government should indulge into a strategy which supports agricultural employment in a vast number as well as supports present techniques. So that there must be development in agricultural activities, agricultural employment and production by agriculture.
Besides these steps the proper family planning should be entertained. Last but not the least the leaders should take a great care in better planning and implementation of strategies.


Summing it up we can say that the problem of unemployment is a matter of high risk and it is not easy to overcome this problem. So we need to sit down and discuss about it with tranquility. Enhanced Techniques, Sharp Minds, Better Industrialisation, Better Strategies, Better Leadership, Better Plans and Steady Hard work will surely give a better result in the nearby future.

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